WOULD THE CQC LIKE TO SAY HOW MANY FAMILIES THEY SPOKE TO(THIS IS NOT RELATED TO SACKED INSPECTOR)YET AGAIN I CHALLENGE THE CQC DIRECTLY TO MEET WITH ME AND DISCUSS MENTAL HEALTH HOSPITALS BREACHES OF DUTY OF CARE-SAFEGAURDING ISSUES-THE MHA CODE OF PRACTICE-but of course you will not do that because you dont have the time-i repeat inspection in nov 2011 found a hospital failing in 2 out of 5 standards and you have just re-inspected in july 2012 although there safety of staff and patients raised it still took 8 months to follow it up.


During this first inspection, CQC spoke to more than 30 people – residents of the home and their families and friends – about the care they received. Two inspectors spent more than six hours in the home talking to people, observing care taking place, and checking records. CQC inspectors chose not to speak to Jane Worroll as they did not want to risk any interference with the ongoing police investigation.

Feedback given by people at the home was positive, with no residents or their families raising any concerns. Inspectors were satisfied that, based on the evidence they heard and saw, the risk to people’s safety had been dealt with by the immediate removal from the home of the staff concerned.  CQC did not find any new evidence of poor practice or abuse that indicated a current risk to people living at the home. If we had done so, CQC would have taken action to protect people – as has happened in many other cases.


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