suicide -please think



 there is a qoute that goes something like this

suicide is an experiment-but remember if you suceed there is no one left to say if the experiment was worth your life

For the otherwise healthy person with no signs of depression, a psychiatric disorder, or drug or alcohol abuse, fleeting thoughts about death are usually harmless. However, any current desires to die make home care completely inappropriate.

If anyone, including the suicidal person, has concerns that the person might be depressed or have other difficulties, then home care is not appropriate.

A concerned friend, partner, or other loved one should inquire directly about thoughts of suicide.

    • Contrary to conventional wisdom, asking about suicidal thoughts or plans does not put the idea in the person’s head.
    • If you are concerned that someone may be depressed or suicidal, then ask in a direct and caring manner.
  • You might simply say, “You seem down to me, and I’m concerned. Is everything all right? Do you have any fear of being alone? Are you experiencing thoughts about death or suicide?”

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