JUST ME-defeated

for the first time for as long as i can remember i am feeling down and defeated for over 3 years i have fought with probation,the police,the prison service and the vcourts to get people to listen that my stepdaughter was not evil but ill.

every time she tried to kill me with knives etc and ended up getting arrested sent to prison i never gave up on her,even my biological family doubted my belief in her and they feared for my safety.

then a breakthrough at last after 3 years and 9 psychriatric reports she was sectioned-brilliant i thought help at last im not alone any more-the experts will help her now that was over 15months ago and how wrong i was,the difference now is my fight is with the hospital and the cqc over the mha,duty of care and the code of practice.

my stepdaughter is desperate for me to solve her issues AND mistreatment but i think this is a fight to far-despite the law,the cqc state the cop is open to interpration,my step daughter is desperate to be moved to another hospital but the hospital and the nhs trust will not listen-

so for now i feel like giving in not on my step daughter but life.


2 responses to “JUST ME-defeated

  1. Hang in there, Mike. “Never, never give up.” I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says that. I look at it every day. Sometimes we lose battles and still win the war. Keep fighting for what you believe in… things have a way of working out. You and your step-daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

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