GOOD NEWS TWITTER-talking is good for us

What is it?

‘Talk Therapy’ is an effective method of understanding and dealing with situations that are causing emotional distress

In a safe, non-judgemental and totally confidential environment, clients work closely with a therapist, using a combination of psychotherapy and counselling

Aims and goals are identified and a treatment plan is formulated


How does it work?

Although it may be appropriate to discuss the past, it is not always necessary to explore in depth. Talk Therapy focuses on current issues and the feelings and meanings attached to them. Therapy may involve a particular method. Hypnotherapy may complement treatment, if desired

As therapy progresses, awareness and understanding enable the client to re-evaluate problems, adjust negative thinking and behaviour and feel positive about the future

The number of sessions will vary according to individual needs and is re-negotiable at any time


Who can it help?

Studies have shown that people suffering from a range of issues can be helped with Talk Therapy.

These include:

Sometimes recommended by GP’s to compliment traditional treatment, Talk Therapy can be accessed via self-referral as an alternative to medical intervention

Employers are encouraged to fund courses of therapy for their employees, in order to reduce long-term absenteeism and address workplace stress effectively


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