an honest and frank view on the movie

the music at the beggining was so haunting and if at all possible it made me think of mental health.

for the first couple of minutes i thought -its ok by the end i thought wow totally brilliant.

the contrast of people and thier “overide”was so diverse and yet brilliant and serious,the man at the bus stop was affected by his mother not being around and my thoughts on him where if he did not get support then one day im afraid he will try and join his mother.

the majority of thibgs if i am correct that affected people where every day things-noise-sounds-lights and music but the most powerfull for me was “memories”

a man at sones museum talked passionately about the lighting inside and it was fascinating to listen to the passion about just lighting,a man and lady talked about the x factor impact on them and others which again i dont generally people think about and what a gret voice the lady in orange had,powerfull but soft.

then there was the lady who was impacted badly by children playing because as a child she cant remember being happy her father abused her.her mother knew i guess but instead of supporting her daughter she treat her like a rival the mistress to her father/husband-this happend years ago but she still looked for excuses not to leave the house,she found help talking on the telephone,going online,writing poetry which seemed a coping strategy for a number of people.the ruins i thought was acted brilliantly and was very moving.

i thought the lady at the end summed it up perfectly”putting on a front to the world”and hiding her true feelings deep inside herself

the song at the end”overload”is superb great lyrics and superb performance-overall–EXCELLENT  9 OUT OF 10 IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 10 but i dont think anyone or anything is perfect but absolutely superb and i reccomend it to anyone.


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