cierra-Cool kid.
me-@dammitcierra very cool picture ?@clbbb_ltd
@MikeGargett keep up the great work I love your tweets they come across as very genuine. Thanks
me-glad i always believe with a passion

dying to be thin ?@proana_mia
#thinspo #thighgap
mepersonally i think thats a very nice picture with great legs

skinny-You guys have made me feel like I’m not alone & have become my family. Thank you for everything,
me-and thank you for the courtesy of talking to us

chow-If i loose power i would just like to say that i love you all ok, ok.
me-we all feel the same about you so what u thinking if i may ask


me-you are not a nuisance and changing a life could be anyone at school-a friend-me-anyone on twitter

@MadisonOsullivaconcerned about how she is feeling
me-i have just read your blog and i think the most important thing is you have had a better week-excellent and well done


queenb-will do. I’m a part of a few educational forums & will share it.
methank you i just hope it can help even if its 1 person

dyke-i need to stop stressing out over stuff, it’s so pathetic #fuckparanoia
me-i dont think it is pathetic at all-maybe u r hard on urself

munchma-photo of her dog—can you stop mentioning me? It’s creepy as fuck. Thanks 🙂
meim lost -all i said was the dog looked content

alice-I think I’m gonna turn this little blue room into my hang out zone.
mike gargett ?@MikeGargett
mea very nice room

mtsstalhoran-He’s such a messy one
me-lovely picture




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