Facts on major depression

Facts on major depression

First and foremost, clinical or major depression is growing at an incredible rate.

  • People of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and nationalities suffer from major depression, with a few exceptions.
  • Up to 20% of people experience symptoms of depression.
  • 10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945 (2)
  • The average age of first onset of major depression is 25-29

A few key areas of society remain where major depression is not seen. Also, the huge increase in cases of major depression show that it can’t be a disease.

There is 10 times more major depression in people born after 1945 than in those born before. This clearly shows that the root cause of most depression is not a chemical imbalance.

Human genes do not change that fast.

Yet, it is estimated 35 to 40 million Americans living today will suffer from major depression at some time during their lives, with about half of this amount suffering from recurring depression symptoms. (3)

This isn’t due to more people telling their doctor. In fact, a major issue when considering the effect of major depression on society as a whole is the amount of misdiagnosis, or cases where major depression goes undiagnosed.


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