Facts and figures about child abuse

Facts and figures about child abuse



  • Three-quarters (72%) of sexually abused children did not tell anyone about the abuse at the time. 27% told someone later. Around a third (31%) still had not told anyone about their experience(s) by early adulthood.1
  • Police recorded over 23,000 sex offences against children aged under 18 years in England and Wales between April 2010 and March 2011.2
  • In 2010/11, ChildLine counsellors dealt with nearly 670,000 contacts from children about various problems including, bullying, sex abuse, violence and mental health issues.3
  • On average, every week in England and Wales at least one child is killed at the hands of another person.4
  • Children under one are the age group most at-risk of being killed at the hands of another person.5
  • In 2011, almost 21,000 allegations of children suffering abuse were passed from the NSPCC to police or children’s services.6


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