we where picked up by a taxi,i think it was a wednesday night to be taken to manchester.

the hotel we where in was a premiere in which was fantastic-great meal and superb staff,the room was very comfortable and clean.

on the thursday morning staff from the show contacted us by telephone and the staff from the show are superb,terri was the one i spoke to and she was superb to me,friendly,listening and full of empathy.

we where picked up early afternoon and taken to the studio,we where shown into a dressing room and the nerves really kicked in,we met jeremy and his bouncers look big on tv but trust me in real life they are huge.

to the show itself i did get a rough time of jeremy which i expected but i did get some brilliant help of the show by local proffessional,the show agreed for 6 sessions and i have to say the whole experience of the show although upsetting at the time it changed my life for ever-thank you to jeremy kyle and all the shows staff


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