Belief Systems

Belief Systems

 Underlying much of our behavior is what is called a belief system.  This system within us filters what we see and hear, affecting how we behave in our daily lives.  There are many other elements that affect our lives, including past lives and the core issues we come into this life for resolution, but our belief systems in this life have a major effect on what we think and do.

 Your belief system affects your perceptions or how you interpret what you see, hear and feel.  For example, a person raised by an angry man or woman will view people in the future with beliefs that anger is bad or that it is something to fear.  Another example would be someone who is quite intelligent but who has never been encouraged or honored for their intelligence, this person might believe they are stupid.  Men raised in conservative societies might have the belief that women who work outside of the home are not as good as those who do not work outside of the home.  

It takes a lot of work to look at yourself and identify the beliefs that are affecting your life in a negative manner.  However, knowing your beliefs will give you a sound basis for emotional freedom.  I do believe that it’s wise to deal with the belief systems before dealing with the identification and release of emotions.  First things first!


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