where to start with this one,lets try the begining-happily married-mother-ended in divorce,pretty much part of every day life so far.

then she started to change fabricatibg stories etc,the police became involved and sais she was not unwell enough to try and get her sectioned,i thought the police may have put her on a vulnerable persons list with an alert to any more calls but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

the family became more and more concerned and persuaded her to go to hospital-the doctor was worried enough to ask the crisis team to see her but they would take about five hours to get there-why-unfortunestely 5 to 6 hours is the average time for the crisis team to arrive-why

after four hours the crisis team had not arrived so she left,nothing the hospital could do to detain her.

the next morning she walks in to peterlee police station with her baby son who she had killed-why,how could this happen-the family are adament the help for mental health was not there and if it had been a baby would still be alive.



3 responses to “I KILLED MY BABY-ITV

  1. I have BIpolar Disorder and suffered Psychosis after the birth of my daughter. It took a while before family and health professionals realised I was struggling with something more serious than ‘baby blues’. Delusions, paranoia, really bizarre frightening thoughts. I watched the programme with tears in my eyes…. there but for the grace……I got the help I needed before any harm came to myself or my baby but we could easily have slipped through the net. More research, more support is vital to avoid further tragedy especially when the sufferer is responsible for a very young child. Heartbreaking for her family and friends who were desperate to find her some help.

    • it was a very unfortunate but i think rare case.the doctor in a and e contacted the crisis team who would take five hours to get there,the mother got agitated and left-if five hours was 30mins it could have been different,but the usual”lessoned to be learned”response came out and we all hope this will never happen again

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