please read this true account -mental health sectioning

this is a true account of events when i persuaded my daughter to go to rosebury park which is a mental health hospital.

on arrival we whaer seen by two proffesionals who worked there and it was agreed my daughter should be sectioned but we would have to wait for a psychiatrist and a social worker to section her and that would take 5 hours.

after 3 hours my daughter became agitated and violant towards my son and i-we alerted onsight security who said they can not help but they would phone the police who arrived very quickly and acted superbly but in the end had to arrest my daughter and take her to a place of safety-the police cells because she could not be admitted to the hospital without the psychiatrist and social worker sectioning her who had still not arrived.

the police officers where disgusted by this but had no choice but to arrest her reluctantly.

please see the letters below between a police inspecor and myself. 





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