Dealing with panic attack-Few basic tips


Dealing with panic attack-Few basic tips

Panic AttacksPanic attack is a sudden attack which is mainly caused by intense fear and anxiety. According to the definition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Records (4th edition), panic attack is caused by intense fear and it at least stay for ten minutes in which about 4 out of 13 symptoms are abruptly developed.

The first step to take when dealing with panic attack is to control your own self while talking anything really discomforting, stressful or sad. Observe your thoughts and emotions while talking in a stressful mood. Often panic attacks get escalated when you talk in depressing and scary moments.

Panic attack often appears when one is focusing on anything which he/she think that will pass him/her out or focusing on anything which according to him/her will cause him panic attack. For an example, you are in a traffic jam and you started thinking that this traffic jam will cause you a panic attack. Then what you have to do is not to focus on traffic jam and you must try to make your mood happy. You should focus on something on which you are thankful or something which makes you happy. Do not think ever that one thing can cause you a panic attack. The negative approach or prediction for anything can cause you harmful impact such like panic attack. So always think positive. This is the best way for dealing with panic attack.


Sometimes, this really happens that we start building our thoughts over some disasters and their predictions through different types of proofs. These thoughts over depressing things can produce emotions and patterns in our brains which are of anxious and fearful imaginations. Now the point is how can a person overcome such problems to save himself from panic attacks? Basically, if a person start taking concentration over happy and calm things then this can overcome their problem. Concentrating over positive approach of a panicky thought like “this problem will pass soon “and “I am not going to die in such panic attack”. These are some examples which can be helpful in dealing with panic attack.

Focusing on breathing and calmly sit down and try to keep you away from harm. Stabilizing is more important when dealing with panic attack. Try to find out the positive patterns of your negative prediction and always remember that panic attack cannot cause you these things:

  • It cannot stop breathing
  • It cannot stop your heart functioning
  • It cannot stop your mental controls

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