children needs in mental health

Some children talk about their feelings, others express them through moody or uncontrollable behaviour. If the difficult spell doesn’t last too long and the child appears to be coping with everyday life, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, however, problems arise that can lead to serious difficulties in the future. Children and young people are very sensitive to what goes on around them and, without the right support, can become distressed about situations they find hard to deal with.

Anyone with a diagnosis of mental distress, whatever their age, needs a lot of support. If you feel someone close to you is experiencing more than just passing emotional problems, you should encourage them to talk about their feelings and, if necessary, get advice from their GP.

When people are mentally upset, their behaviour can be unpredictable. For example, they may:

  • become angry and frightened or aggressive
  • seem so depressed that you are afraid they will harm themselves
  • refuse to accept that their behaviour is in any way unusual
  • feel unable to cope with day-to-day life
  • behave in a hostile manner towards you

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