beauty-what is it

i was having a discussion on pepople percieve as beauty and i was told by this person beauty is-intellect and morals-

brilliant and it got me thinking

through the ages the physical image of beauty change all  the time ,an advert in 1885 was “get fat on lorings”in 1985 an advert said”the new skinny pill”the oldest known representation is said to be around 35,000 years old and was “venus of hohle fels”which clearly was not a thin lady.even in this age there are different ideas of beauty in different cultures for example-metal necks,ceramic mouths and silicone breasts etc-but i still prefer –intellect and morals

Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite” said once the historian George Bancrofthe time-but intellect and morals which is what someone said to me i thought was fantastic


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