14.3 The main types of abuse to people who lack capacity-mca(cop)

types of abuse are:

Chapter 14

What means of protection exist for people who lack capacity to make decisions

Type of abuse




• theft • fraud • undue pressure • misuse of property, possessions or benefits • dishonest gain of property, possessions or benefits.


• slapping, pushing, kicking or other forms of violence • misuse of medication (for example, increasing dosage to make someone drowsy) • inappropriate punishments (for example, not giving someone a meal because they have been ‘bad’).


• rape • sexual assault • sexual acts without consent (this includes if a person is not able to give consent or the abuser used pressure).


• emotional abuse • threats of harm, restraint or abandonment • refusing contact with other people • intimidation • threats to restrict someone’s liberty.

Neglect and acts of omission

• ignoring the person’s medical or physical care needs • failing to get healthcare or social care • withholding medication, food or heating.


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