sunday a debate or bullying

it is very interesting to think back on yesterday,s somewhat undeserved attack on my posts but in fairness i believe every ones opponion is a valid one.copyright was stated and that again is fair but the copyright law says-even the publishing of a picture should have had prior approval so generally that would mean twitter with very few pictures.

Plagiarism another word that was used a lot,now in reality that is fair but this means even a group of words,phraes or sentances first used by someone else is plagiarism so we now have twitter with few pictures and it would appear few sentances unless it looked something like this-this morning is monday(claimed mike gargett)ok that is being very simplistic but by the full letter of the law true,but this is an american law and we are in the united the united kingdom plagiarism is generally about students papers(see leeds university guide)


Q: What if I already knew something and then saw it in a source? Do I need to cite it anyway?

A: You have just come across the “common knowledge” exception to plagiarism. If you think an idea is common knowledge (like a historic date), you do not need to cite it. Some people say that if you see the same idea in three or more sources it’s common knowledge. However, if you use an author’s exact wording or individual twist on common knowledge, you should cite it anyway. The common knowledge exception is always a judgment call, so–when in doubt–ask your professor or cite it anyway.(simpson college)

it seems Plagiarism is generally for education or for monetary gain,i know there will be some who dissagree with me but the sources are there to check so please do


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