borderline personality disorder-a true account

borderline personality disorder-a true account
20/07/2012 14:12
this written in my own words about my now 21 tear old daughter who is suffering from and fighting with bpd.a lot is written on twitter about bpd facts etc and trust me i could write pages and pages of facts about bpd,but i wont.

what i am going to do is tell everyone who wants to know my very true and sometimes very painfull experience of a bpd sufferer.

one moment she was so kind and so loving,listening to music,watching tv,having an adult conversation but in a flash for no reason she could turn into a ranting,aggressive and violent person.

i have been stabbed,bitten,my hair pulled,spat in my face,bleach thrown at me and been to a and e on 21 seperate occassions,had my house contents wrecked and much more.

she as been to court for assault on police officers(who did not deserve it)probation officers,prison officers and spent 28 months out of 34 months in prison before being sectioned and when you consider the longest individual sentance was 2 months that is a lot of sentances,my other family members thought it would only be a matter of time before she killed me and i should disown her and not her home again.

i could have taken the easy option and disown her but that is not my way,so i consulted with doctors,the police,probation,solicitors and a very good barrister,spent endless days if not months in court rooms etc–my other family members called it MAD but me i just had two words to describe it—-





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