my childhood memories-true

sometimes it is strange how you think about the past,but recently i have-so i thought i would blog some memories.
as a child i had a loving but very strong mother and an alcoholic father but i have no regrets apart from maybe the odd cuts and bruises.
my parents eventually split which i guess was inevitable in so many ways and i remember one xmas day my dad came to visit us,but as usual he was drunk and he started his idiotic behavior and he ended up fighting with mam and a xmas present of mine got broken.
it was something that most of you would not even remember a reel to reel tape recorder-it was not new and mam saved to buy it from a second hand shop but to me it was the best ever xmas present and he broke it through alcohol.i dont think it was just my present that was broken on that xmas day but a piece of my heart too.


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