Dealing with suicidal feelings -source rethink



Dealing with suicidal feelings

1. Give yourself today

The option of taking your own life isn’t going to go away. It is a choice you can make tomorrow or next week or next month if you decide that’s still what you want. When you are feeling so bad that you want to kill yourself, the thought of just surviving the days ahead can seem exhausting, overwhelming, and unbearable. Try to focus on just getting through today 2

not the rest of your life. Your coping ability is greatly weakened right now. You may not be able to imagine getting through this but your thoughts can play tricks on you when you are in a crisis.

Don’t try to handle thoughts of the future just make a decision to get through today. Today may be painful but you can decide to survive it and give some other options a chance, at least for a day.

Remember that however alone you feel, there are people who want to talk with you and who want to help.

Let family or friends know what you are going through. They may be able to calm you down and offer support. Even though they may not be able to make you feel better straight away, talking things through may help to get some perspective and see your situation in a different light.


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