camerons and the pub-reactions

Terence ‘Clench’ McPiehole

06/18/2012 04:15 PM


Odone, seriously? Defending this serious error? Cameron should have checked who was riding with who, so should his wife, so should his security people.  IF you swap vehicles (and I’ve done a little personal protection) you agree in advance who rides in what car on both legs and you do not change the plan.

Onto your failure, well, again, you plan, use a buddy system, double up, make sure everybody is with their buddy, whether climbing a mountain, or diving a reef, this simple system means people are not left behind. Use some common sense, and if you have none, hire some security…. Ooops!


Atos Victims

06/14/2012 11:11 AM


Typical of Ms Odone, making excuses for this toff and his car loads of security personel.

If this had happened to some mother and father who lived on some run down council estate in the east end of London, she and her like would of made a big deal of it, why should the Camerons incompetence be treated any differently?

As for saying this sort of thing is common place, it may be in the households of people Ms Odone knows but NOT in the majority of families up and down this country.

As for raising the subject of the McCanns, well, again if that had been some average family on their yearly trip to Benidorm for a weeks holiday the uproar would have been apocalyptic, instead the McCanns were treated totally differently, they had media advisors, even got the bloody government involved, the sadness of what happened to them is that they took a risk with their child that 99% of us would NEVER DO, leaving a child of her age in a hotel room without a babysitter to watch over her was totally irresponsible, sadly they and the child paid the price, don’t insult the vast majority of people in this country Ms Odone who are responsible parents and who put that responsiblity as their Number one priority.

According to eric Pickles Cameron would come under his criteria as a problem family?

Another Odone diatribe of Crap….

Nexusdog_UK on twitter

06/14/2012 11:33 AM

RT @AtosVictims1: Typical of Ms Odone, making excuses for this toff and his car loads of security personel. If this had happened to so…

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