adult adhd-How is it different to childhood ADHD?

How is it different to childhood ADHD?

Unlike other mental disorders such as depression, ADHD does not start in adulthood.

Adult ADHD is a continuation of ADHD from childhood. The main difference is in the type of difficulties and symptoms experienced.

  • Adults are less likely to have intense hyperactivity.
  • Rather than problems at school, it’s work lives and relationships that prove troublesome.
  • Instead of hyperactivity, you’re more likely to feel restless, fidget a lot, have difficulty relaxing and feel on edge a lot of the time.

A typical ADHD adult may have gone through life being constantly misunderstood:

  • your behaviour and actions may have caused difficulties with teachers, friends and work colleagues.
  • you may have been called clumsy, hyper, rude, abrupt, lazy, insensitive and irresponsible.

You’re likely to have frequently changed jobs and preferred work where there’s plenty of action, rather than sitting at a desk all day.

It’s possible that you’ll have had a number of occasions where you’ve acted impulsively, surprising others with your sudden actions. You may have experienced difficulties with relationships, partners and marriage.

Smoking, drinking alcohol and, in some cases, drug taking are also more common among ADHD adults.

source-net doctor


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