what is in a name-sometimes years

over many years i have come into contact from a large number of people suffering from a various number of differing traits.

what really sticks in my mind is the fact that you know a person well enough to note a dramatic change in thier personalities and actions,but that is just not enough to get help.

so many disorders have co-morbid existance and a large number of traits are very recconisable for example increased areas of “risk taking””very changeable moods and reactions in a person.

but that is just not enough for treatment i know one person who had nine assessments by nine different doctors and although all nine agreed on a large majority of traits,no real help could be offered untill the disorder was given a name for example borderline personality disorder so it took almost three years to get a lable or name to be able to get treatment-that is three years to get the disorder a name so treatment could begin and in this case it was bpd which i doccumented three years earlier so three years of treatment where lost.


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