a conversation on twitter twitter which i thought was very fair-so these are a few details of my experiences

i decided after a conversation i had on twitter this morning about my credentials as it where to be able to blog on the subjects i blog about so i thought that is very fair so here is a brief outline of my lifes experiences

as a child my father was an alcoholic which lead to abuse and a volotile marriage to my mother.

my partner at the time had an etopic pregnancy 20+years ago

i was an alcoholic

i have attempted suicide about 15 years ago

i have been involved with fighting the courts legally for my step daughter

i have been involved for over 4 years fighting the mental health hospitals and elderly care homes-the cqc and nhs trusts

i also have a 15 year old daughter with cp

and through the years i know the mental health act code of practice-the human rights act-duty of care and strongly oppose abuse in any form at all-my mother suffered from severe depression and my sister schizophrenia


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