Key facts about Suicide

Key facts about Suicide
Ø There were 20,927 suicides in England & Wales between 1996-2000
Ø 140,000 people attempt suicide each year in England and Wales alone
Ø Estimates suggest the true suicide rate is 50 – 60% higher than the official rate
Ø 75% of suicides in the UK are by males
Ø Suicides in young men aged 15-24 are now 67% higher than in 1982
Ø Suicide figures are double the death toll from road traffic accidents
Ø The overall UK suicide rate has been slowly declining since the early 1980s
Ø Between 1971 and 1996 the suicide rate for women in the UK almost halved
Ø Between 1971 and 1996 the suicide rate for men in the UK almost doubled
Ø Men aged 25 -34 have the highest suicide rates
Ø Suicide rates are higher among people with mental health problems
Ø Research suggests up to 70% of suicides are by people with depression
Ø Drug and alcohol misuse both increase the risk factor for suicide
Ø The suicide rate in male prison inmates is six times the male average
Ø Overdosing accounts for 50% of female suicides and 25% male suicides
Ø 10-15% of people who make a suicide attempt will later die by suicide
Ø Young women 15 -19 are at the highest risk of attempted suicide
Ø 1% of all suicides in the UK occur within NHS psychiatric hospitals
Ø The suicide rate among the homeless is 35 times that of the general population
Ø The suicide rate of young Asian women is 3 times that of white British young


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