Key Facts About Homelessness

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Key Facts About Homelessness

  • It is important to recognise homeless people as individuals in crisis rather than stereotypes, and that like anyone else they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • People are forced into homelessness when something bad happens and they don’t have the support of family or friends to fall back on. Many of these situations could happen to any of us: it might be redundancy, a relationship breakdown, poor mental health, alcohol/substance addiction or domestic abuse.
  • People from a wide variety of backgrounds sleep rough on the streets of London each night, often in frightening, dangerous and degrading conditions. Like any other cross-section of society, many are highly personable, skilled, intelligent people, and many are highly motivated to find work.
  • With the right help and support, people can and do move on and leave homelessness behind them. A variety of services provide this support, but they often struggle to secure enough funding to meet the high level of need. This is particularly the case at the moment, at a time when charities are facing cuts in funding alongside an increased demand for their services.
  • If you would like to get involved, there are several ways you can help. All proceeds from our next concert will be going to The Connection at St Martin’s day centre, which provides specialist support to more than 200 homeless people each day. Please consider lending them your support by making a regular donation. Alternatively, you could give some of your time by volunteering with a homelessness charity near you. See our How You Can Help page for further details, and for information about other ways you can get involved.

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