What can you do to stop it?-cyber bullying

What can you do to stop it?

The best advice is to avoid the methods used by cyberbullies.

Girl with text Some texts can be hurtful

That means staying away from websites they use and blocking email addresses or mobile numbers that send nasty messages. Regularly check and clean your ‘friends’ lists on social networking sites too.

Find the ‘report abuse’ or ‘block sender’ options on your favourite websites.

Changing your username may also help and don’t give out personal details such as your mobile number, address or email online.

Protect your password too to keep your files and information safe.

You should also report the bullying to the people running the website, technology service or your mobile phone service provider.

Keep evidence – callers and mailers can be traced. But also remember that sites you’ve created and emails you’ve sent can be traced back to you months or years later too.

And as with all bullying, telling an adult it’s happening is REALLY important too.


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