complaint procedure-not acceptable at all

in a care home/hospital you have to put your complaint in writing to the care home/hospital and they have to respond in 28 days-please note respond-they often write and say the investigation is not yet  complete which gives them another 28 days.

then normally within 56 days you receive an answer and if you are not satisfied with the result you can make a stage two complaint again to the care home/hospital and the process begins again so after probably another 56 days if you are still unhappy you can complain to the ombudsman which takes on average upto 3 months ie 90 days–

so a total of approximately 202 days to investigate one complaint which is pathetic to say the least-the cqc do not investigate individual complaints so if you can you need to find any others at the same care home/hospital which is very difficult to do.approximately 6 months after your complaint–how many more complaints or abuse or worse can happen in this time


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