4. Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety can give rise to a wide range of symptoms. These can be grouped into physical symptoms, and non-physical (psychological) symptoms.

Sudden (or acute) stresses lead to symptoms of anxiety such as:

  • Feeling our heart pounding or racing (palpitations)
  • Feeling tense in our body and muscles (headaches, neck & shoulder pain)
  • Increased rate of breathing (short and sharp breathing) or hyperventilation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Feeling nauseous, sick or faint

When stress becomes long-standing, physical symptoms of anxiety fade away or become less prominent. However, these are replaced by a variety of psychological symptoms of anxiety, including:

  • Negative thoughts
  • Feeling that you may become seriously ill
  • Feelings of low mood or depression
  • Thinking that you are losing control
  • Loss of confidence
  • Difficulty sleeping

SOURCE avogel


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