Medical negligence statistics revealed

Medical negligence statistics revealed

June 23, 2010
Posted in Compensation News — Written by Patricia

It’s one of those things that nobody ever thinks will happen to them but a shocking number of people do die while they are receiving treatment in hospital.

New statistics have shown that every day last year, at least one person died because of mistakes made by staff in hospitals.

From January 2009 until May 2010, 656 patients lost their lives as a result of mistakes made and a further 2,500 became more ill because of poor treatment or misdiagnoses.

Some of the errors made related to patients being given the wrong medication, having the wrong part of their body operated on or having instruments left inside them following an operation.

In one case, a newborn baby was fed fabric conditioner. There have also been incidents of the wrong organ being removed or patients receiving transfusions of the wrong blood type.

Some of the mistakes that have been made have been absolutely devastating for the patients involved as well as their families. The majority of them will make a compensation claim for the damage that has been caused.
But of course, no amount of money is any substitute for the life of a loved one and for that reason, the Department of Health have stated that improvements do need to be made.


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