National Police Memorial Day-please remember them all-with gratitude

National Police Memorial Day 2011
Last year, the eighth National Police
Memorial Day service took place at
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with
HRH Prince of Wales joining a
2,000 strong congregation to
honour the six police officers killed
in the line of duty in the previous
twelve months. HRH Prince of
Wales became patron of the
National Police Memorial Day in
2006 and also attended the service
in Liverpool in 2008. The Home
Secretary Theresa May and the
First Minister of Scotland
Alexander Salmond also joined the
congregation. The First Minister
“I am honoured to have been
asked to make these remarks of
welcome at this National Police
Memorial Day Service and I am
humbled by the thought of the
sacrifice and service that those
we commemorate today and the
police service generally have
given, and continue to give, to
our communities.“All those police officers remind
us both of how much we owe to
our police, and also of the risks
that they face, whether from
deliberate harm by others; the
dangers of operating in hazardous
environments, or the stresses and
strains of a very taxing profession.
“This summer’s riots, in London
and elsewhere, remind us that
such risks are faced not just by
police officers, individually, but, on
occasion, by the police generally
and it is right to express our
gratitude for what police officers
from across these islands, in their
own force areas or on loan, did to
contain and resolve that
Candles were lit during the
service by relatives who mourn
their loved ones and in
remembrance of officers
throughout the country who lost
their lives. Petals of remembrance
also descended from the gallery.
Both Joe Holness and his wife
Sharon work tirelessly all year
round raising money and keeping
in touch with the families of fallen
officers. The day has grown to be
one of the most important dates
in the policing calendar. National Police Memorial Day 2012
York Minster
Church House, Ogleforth, York, YO1 7JN
York Minster is one of th


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