borderline personality disorder-depression

bpd is has serious as it gets in relation to mental health disorders-bpd very rarely exists alone and depression which is serious on its own is very common with bpd.

what does it mean take your worst ever day multiply by 100 and double it then you may be close to imagining what it is like.

bpd is changing attitudes -one minute loving and caring-the next evil intentions but it is not the persons fault it is bpd traits love-hate one extreme to the other in a very short period of time and often living in a world they perceive to be true but with no reality at all-but to the sufferer it is very very real.

then depression which itself is a very very serious illness,sometimes resulting in self harm,lack of personal care and at times leading to suicides.both has stand alone illnesses are severe to say the least so with both together it is unimaginable what the sufferer is going through and often with both issues there is a lot of bullying and abuse both by other people and in care-please try and remember if the sufferer is having an episode you are not talking to the true person so please think before you speak

thank you 

A mans point of view-emotions

A mans point of view

what i believe well actually know some myths about what a man is.
Men do not cry-well i certainly cry and i never thought i would write this,but a relly good friend of mine whos work i admire hugely asked if i would,so for some who know my dogmatic,determine,apparant unruffled style/character you are in for a huge shock.
I cried over my Daughter who lives with her mam in scotland when she was one year old and her mam decided to end our relationship and move in with one of my best friends.
Was it fair that i had to leave just because i was the man.
Prior to this we lost a child a baby boy through an etopic pregnancy again i cried and somehow shoulderd the blame from my partner and her family in scotland,although with hindsight i know i could not do any thing at all to change it.But i was the man and my partner had lost our baby and not me so i should just be strong,which i was but i cried and grieved in private and i have never felt so alone,guilty and unloved in all my life.
Please note men have hearts and souls and we grieve,cry and have to put on a different face in public and try to convince your partner that everything is going to be ok even though you are dying slowly on the inside.
I have cried the usual tears at funerals etc but that apparantly is ok for a man to have emotions there but even then with the death of my grandmother i had friends and other family members saying things like this is not like you mike,to be so upset etc.
I have cried when my step daughter was in and out of prison for assaults and even trying to kill me,so many tears not for myself but of guilt that i felt for my step daughter spending 30 months out of a 36 month period in and out of prison and i could do nothing to stop it .
TEARS of frustration and tears of sometimes feeling failure but i kept fighting for her and after 3 years got her a full assesment and it was found she had borderline personality disorder and sectioned,i cried tears of joy at this.
But in the 18 months in a mental health hospitals there have been many many more tears over her suicide attempts and now because i am a man her illness has made accusations against me,but this is not from her but from the borderline.
More tears not because of the accusations of violence but because my family are stating you really can not love her or have anything to do with her now.
She will kill you or you will be in prison,i would not hurt her but i am a man and men are not supposed to be victims of domestic violence,men would not put up with it and females are not strong enough to beat a man up.
Reality check not all men hit females under any circumstances and i am one of those men,a wimp-never but a man who feels and hurts and really does cry a lot.
so for now that is it but one thing is certain i will have more pain and so many tears all beit in private.

twitter police-i think not

i have no idea what i am ever supposed to have done on twitter to annoy or upset any one but i object to some of the names i am getting called by a tiny few that are so unimportant except to their own little group.

i have never have or would behave in an un-acceptable manner towards anyone and certainly my comments if took out of context can appear blunt i guess but put them into full conversations and anyone can see they where words of encouragement-but watch this space and watch who disappears off twitter and end up answering to the law and it will not be i

why ho why

i am not sure what is going on on twitter but what i do know i have always been honest in my quest to try and help others.

i know there are a few who disagree at times with my tactics to help others and occassionally totally missinterprate what i am saying but not one person can ever question my motives to help others.

at the moment my twitter a/c is suspended and i have no idea why but i know people are asking for help from me and i can not help them.

like me or hate me but never doubt my compassion and willingness to help others


Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder: The Bottom Line

So far, there is not enough research to suggest that BPD and bipolar disorder are related. Although there are definitely some shared features, there are also some marked differences between BPD and bipolar disorder. Also, the co-occurrence of BPD and bipolar disorder is not large enough to suggest that the two disorders are related. However, more research is needed on this topic. It may be that future research, for example on the genetic and biological causes of BPD and bipolar disorder, may reveal some undiscovered elationships between the two conditions.


American Psychiatric AssociationDiagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th ed, text revision. Washington, DC, Author, 2000.

Gunderson JG, Weingberg I, Daversa MT, Kueppenbender KD, et al. “Descriptive and Longitudinal Observations on the Relationship of Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.” American Journal of Psychiatry, 163:1173-1179, 2006.

Paris, J. “Borderline or Bipolar? Distinguishing Borderline Personality Disorder from Bipolar Spectrum Disorders.” Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 12:140-145, 2004.


Are Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder Related?

Although it is not yet clear-cut, research has not found a strong relationship between BPD and bipolar disorder. There is some evidence that people with BPD are diagnosed with bipolar disorder at higher rates than individuals with other personality disorders. One study found that about 20% of individuals with BPD are also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, whereas only about 10% of people with with other personality disorders are also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This could mean there is some relationship between BPD and bipolar, but it could also be attributed to imprecision in diagnosis, or in the individuals making the diagnosis.



Are bipolar and borderline personality disorder related?

Are bipolar and borderline personality disorder related? Borderline personality disorder (BPD)has been a controversial diagnosis since it was first recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1980. One controversy that still has not been resolved is whether BPD is actually just a variation of bipolar disorder.


How are Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder Similar?

The primary reason that some experts have proposed that BPD and bipolar disorder may be related is that they share the common feature of mood instability. Bipolar disorder is associated with mood shifts from depression tomania (a mood characterized by elation, decreased need for sleep, and an increase in activity) orhypomania (which is similar to mania but less severe). BPD is also associated with mood changes (sometimes called “emotion dysregulation” or affective instability). People with BPD can frequently change from feeling fine to feeling extremely distressed in a matter of minutes. Impulsive behavior is also frequently experienced both by people with bipolar disorder and by people with BPD.

How are Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder Different?

What is the difference between BPD and bipolar disorder, then? Some major components separate the two. While the disorders are both characterized by mood changes, the quality of the mood changes can be very different. In BPD, mood changes are often more short-lived — they may last for a few hours at a time. In contrast, mood changes in bipolar disorder tend to last for days or even weeks. Also, mood shifts in BPD are usually in reaction to an environmental stressor (such as an argument with a loved one), whereas mood shifts in bipolar disorder may occur out-of-the-blue. Finally, the mood shifts typical of BPD rarely involve elation — usually the shift is from feeling upset to feeling “OK,” not from feeling bad to feeling a high or elevated mood, which is more typical of bipolar disorder.


unwell -not i

saw suggestions today about myself who does not suffer from mental health issues from some people who openly claim they do-but what they claim they do is not exactly telling the truth and some of their claims and credentials do not hold up under scrutiny-i could say lies but i wont because i never stab people in the back but beware they do 

thank you-twitter people

some people talking about me which is great-can i point out that if i was being watched then the comments made about me without any foundation or truth where also being watched and i appreciate the new lies and rest assured so to do the police and eventually the court of the land-so thank you you few