The Causes of Stress

The Causes of Stress

The recognized causes of work-related stress are numerous and fall into several categories:

Work Practices

  • people unable to exert any control or influence over the demands placed upon them
  • lack of a clear job description or chain of command
  • a high degree of uncertainty about job security or career prospects
  • temporary work and fixed term contracts
  • lack of any understanding leadership
  • cuts in government and local government funding leading to increased workloads
  • long hours cultures
  • no recognition or reward for good job performance
  • no opportunity to voice complaints
  • heavy responsibilities with no authority or decision making discretion
  • no opportunity to use personal talents or abilities
  • inadequate time to complete tasks to personal or company standards
  • chances for small error or momentary lapse of attention to have serious or even disastrous consequences

United Kingdom National Stress Network


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