Stillbirth – The devastation

Stillbirth – The devastation
Do you find yourself dealing with the pain of stillbirth? Have you heard the devastating words, “I’m so very sorry, but your baby is stillborn.” As a parent, your anguish is indescribable; you know the significance is something more than that of a first trimester miscarriage, but something less than the right to grieve the death of a full-term baby. You’re not sure how you should feel. 

Your heartache deepened when you were forced to go through the induced labor and delivery of your child — a child you will never rock; never get to take home. Then there was the motions of dealing with a death certificate for your child who never lived and the decisions about how to care for the body of your unborn child. You gazed upon the miniature form of son or daughter and beheld the already-perfectly-formed little ears, eyes, hands, and feet. You felt the gut-wrenching pain that accompanies knowing that this little person will never hear, see, walk, or hold life in its hands.



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