What is personality disorder?

New leaflet: What is personality disorder?

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The Haven Project, dedicated to the support and treatment of people diagnosed with personality disorder, has recently produced a leaflet about PD – here is the linkhttp://www.thehavenproject.org.uk/Leaflets/WhatIsPersonalityDisorder.pdf

This leaflet is an effort to define conditions that are often labelled as personality disorder. Clients who have the diagnosis have helped to compile it and to give an insight about causes, symptoms and what helps. This information is intended for clients, carers, family and friends, and anyone who wishes to gain and insider’s view about this condition.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the leaflet: “Personality disorder is a controversial diagnosis. It seems to cover such a wide range of people and some are unhappy that they have received this diagnosis, while others may not even know that they have been given it. The psychiatric manual says many things about this diagnosis and even professionals sometimes disagree about what it is and who should be given it.

“Local research, carried out by people with the diagnosis, has shown that most have suffered significant trauma in their lives, usually in childhood and sometimes in adolescence. Experiences range from child abuse and can, for example, include a shocking bereavement or perhaps long-term difficulties in that person receiving healthy responses to their
emotions in earlier life. Some have subsequently lived through later, shocking incidents that have triggered earlier difficulties. This is because the early damage done to that person has not always allowed for the normal development of relationships, or helped them to form nurturing relationships, or to be able to deal with life crises.”


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