CMHT statistics released for 1st quarter of 2011/12

CMHT statistics released for 1st quarter of 2011/12


Data on the activity of Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) has been released by the Department of Health.  The data includes the number of new cases taken on by Early Intervention in Psychosis Services, the number of patients on Care Programme Approach (CPA) that were followed up with 7 days of being discharged from a psychiatric inpatient care and inpatient admissions where service users have been assessed by the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Service (CRHT).

Early Intervention Services deal with people who have experienced their first episode of psycosis within a three year period. Crisis Resolution Teams provide short-term intensive support, within the home or non-NHS setting, to people who are in mental health crisis to avoid inpatient admission.  All psychiatric inpatient admissions are gate kept by CRHT through assessment and involvement.  The national threshold for CHRT involvment is 95%.

People who are cared for by specialist mental health teams are monitored under Care Programme Approach (CPA) and there will usually be multiple needs and a care plan to ensure care co-ordination. All patients on CPA who are discharged from inpatient care should be followed up either by phone or face-to-face contact within 7 days of discharge to reduce the risk of suicide and social exclusion. The national threshold for follow up with 7 days is 95%.

Local Data for First Quater of 2011/12 (April-June 2011)
  New psychosis cases by Early Intervention Teams CPA discharge 7-day follow up Total CPA discharge % of CPA discharge follow up CRHT gate kept admissions Total admissions % Gate kept admissions
Leicestershire County & Rutland PCT 22 109 112 97.3% 177 186 95.2%
Leicester City PCT 32 90 92 97.8% 162 171 94.7%
Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust 55 195 200 97.5% 336 354 94.9%




Full details of the statistical data is available on the Department of Health’s website.

Date Posted: 

 16 August, 2011 – 11:18


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