friendship and ignorance-to-nights suggested blog

rita found herself living in a land where her culture was not the same as the expected culture of the new world she is living in for the past two years.

it was a balancing act to maintain her personal cultures which formed in the most part of her life but wanting to fit into her new worlds culture,it was very difficult to fit in and keep her own beliefs and integrity in tact.

ritas neighbours for the past two years where a married middle aged couple.the wife was a lovely friendly type of person and rita and the wife developed a deep friendship but as the husband came more and more into ritas and his wifes life their friendship became strained and was tested very much.

the husband was a bigot who has the friendship developed became increasingly demanding that his opinions had to be right and ritas own beliefs where just unimportant.because of his control over his wife,the wifes and ritas great friendship was in decline.the husband appeared to be afraid of ritas beliefs and became increasingly demanding that rita should agree with his views and his wife started to agree more and more with him well when he was about when they chatted.

rita wanted the friendship but not at the cost of conforming to anothers pre-conceived ideals and the friendship started to break apart although rita was more than willing to embrace the culture without losing her own beliefsĀ 

the husband and wife seperated and rita and the wife had some long chats and the wife was ashamed of her husbands behaviour and it was down to fear and his unwillingness to accept that any sort of life style that did not match his own and felt very threatened by what he could not or even attempt to understand-ignorance in other words but friendship eventually overcome the ignorance and the ignorant lost his wife and his way of life.


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