twitter election-fun only

yesterday i asked for some suggestions about what to write a blog about.

i got two suggestions from ron moore and rose martino so i will attempt to write about both their totally different ideas and in a light hearted manner.  


the story

i am setting this in the future when there is a general election with two people aiming to become prime minister of england.

one is a lord and the other an adoptive north american mother,but have different views on how england should be run.

lord ron is a typical champagne charlie type with his own butlers and staff who likes to live the good life and the other is rose a mother with conservative american ideas,

rons idea of england is very much let the peasents eat cake type of person,very upbeat but not at all interested in anything except his own excentric life style,happiest when he is throwing parties to show off his wealth and his idea of ruling the country would be all for the rich,abolish all tax on champagne and his expensive cigars and caviars for the working classes unless they have their own butler they do not exist.

ron would never comprehend the needs of the masses and the disabled and infirm ideally would be sent to an island out of the way somewhere but they would be sent leftovers from his posh upmarket parties and in rons eyes he thinks he is being caring and more than generous to allow the poorest in society to have left over food etc.

rose is a mother and an american who has very strong beliefs which are the total opposites of lord rons.rose believed that everyone should be working and paying taxes and the disabled and infirm should have quality care but within a very tight budget and be saving up themselves while at working age to afford a good pension for retirement.a far more equal approach than lord rons but rose does not have the backing of the wealthiest people in england.

lord rons slogan was more ron but often spelt moron

roses slogan was you need to work for what you have

remember this is set well into the future but who would you vote for-this is obviously just a light hearted and fun look into the future.





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