conspiracy to keep me quiet update april 2013

Over the last three years i have been campaigning for changes to the way care is regulated.

This obviously made the authorities enough along with a group of private hospitals to try and discredit me through various means one of which is a person on twitter who does training sessions for the group and organisations linked,he earns money from these organisations and started a pathetic slanderous campaign against me with 5 others he manipulated due to the others mental health issues.

At present i can not name him and the others because of legal actions i am taking but when the legal process has dealt out justice i will go after the others within the letter of the law and publish names etc


these allegations have been investigated by police and obviously there was nothing for me to answer—allegations made in may 2012-the person instigating the campaign against me starts to work for the same large group i am taking action against-surprisingly i do not think-more allegations this time from the group he works for in aug 2012-what a farce and the police are reluctant to investigate this and threats made against me but that will not in any way stop me-in fact it has made my case against this group even stronger

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