Bullying starts after one of these events

 Events that trigger bullying

Bullying starts after one of these events:

  • the previous target leaves
  • there’s a reorganisation
  • a new manager is appointed
  • your performance unwittingly highlights, draws attention to, exposes or invites unfavourable comparison with the bully’s lack of performance (the harder you work to address the bully’s claims of underperformance, the more insecure and unstable the bully becomes)
  • you may have unwittingly become the focus of attention whereas before the bully was the centre of attention (this often occurs with female bullies) – most bullies are emotionally immature and thus crave attention
  • obvious displays of affection, respect or trust from co-workers
  • refusing to obey an order which violates rules, regulations, procedures, or is illegal
  • standing up for a colleague who is being bullied – this ensures you will be next; sometimes the bully drops their current target and turns their attention to you immediately
  • blowing the whistle on incompetence, malpractice, fraud, illegality, breaches of procedure, breaches of health & safety regulations etc
  • undertaking trade union duties
  • suffering illness or injury, whether work related or not
  • challenging the status quo, especially unwittingly
  • gaining recognition for your achievements, eg winning an award or being publicly recognised
  • gaining promotion


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