Your treatment should be carefully monitored and discussed with you”


“Your treatment should be carefully monitored and discussed with you”

Within days of taking the combination of venlafaxine and mirtazapine, I started to feel worse and developed a constant headache. Because of this, I went to see my general practioner who advised me to stop taking the combination. I then sent a fax to Dr Curson to advise him of my GP’s advice. Dr Curson replied by fax telling me “this flies in the face of what I said in the report… should be on a combination of venlafaxine 150 mg daily and mirtazapine 30-45 mg daily”. So, having advised me to take a combination of drugs, which he described as “there is nothing in the literature about this treatment” , knowing that I had reported adverse side-effects to my GP and without even speaking to me or my GP, Dr Curson advised me by fax to substantially increase the dose of both drugs. This was the worst possible advice that he could have given me. However, having advised me to increase the dose of both drugs, Dr Curson didn’t even bother to contact me or monitor my treatment in any way.

“There are likely to be more side-effects with combined treatment and this should be explained to you”

At no point did Dr Curson even mention side-effects, let alone explain them to me.

I cannot conceive that the standard of care that I received from Dr Cusron at the Priory Hospital Roehampton remotely compares with the standards described by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Neither can I conceive that any self-respecting medical professional would argue that it did.

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