2012 a reflection

2012 a very strange and mixed year.

with my experiences in life which have had a lot of highs and a few very low moments too,i thought i had experienced most things but 2012 showed me otherwise.

2012 started reasonably well but by the end of january i had to yet again go up a gear and reignite the fight i started in 2009,

large care organisations appear to be buying up smaller ones and you may think that should improve care-but you would be wrong.

care it seems is about money and how much can be made from it and no longer about people or even care.

the cqc have had a lot of criticism from me also have the nhs and private care homes with one group in particular stooping lower than i thought was possible to keep me silent but no chance at all.

certainly i have been on both sides of police action and i respect the police fully,i have now given the police 3 a4 folders of evidence of accusations against one large mental health hospital group and i expect prosecutions to follow.from arms being held under hot taps,cold baths and numerous assault allegations from service users and now working with the police in these matters-3 years of hard work but if it means safety for others then it is worthwhile.

i have been intimidated,threatend and even asked to consider deal making -my answers is and always will be no-justice is what matters.

twitter for myself has been a strange year with 6 people who appeared to try and hound me by fair means or foul for their own gains etc-one is now employed by a large health care group but in 2013 that will also result in my satisfactory conclusion-mostly twiitter is filled with superb people some for fun,some wanting someone to listen to them and some people giving out great advice-i have made thousands of friends on twitter so a huge thank you to them,

so all in all a mixed 2012 with success and i am afraid some failures but 2013 will make me stronger than ever to fight for and gain justice for others.

happy 2013 to you all

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