bedroom tax-legal or not

i (name)of (address) would like to challenge the change in housing benefit payments(commonly known as the bedroom tax) for the following reasons

1-in accordance to article 8 of the human rights act -entitled to a family life and privacy

i have grandchildren who like to come and stay and if the governments enforce a move to a lesser bedroom property my family life in fact family values are discriminated against in direct contradiction to article 8

2-if i want to stay in the same property my quality of life is also contravined by financial and enviroment changes and the governments own standards of”how much i need to live on”

these are just 2 examples of fighting the bedroom tax and i would be happy to adjust the letter to individual needs


In Accordance With Law

In many cases decided by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), interferences with privacy have been in breach of Article 8 because they have not satisfied this first condition. In order for an interference to be in accordance with law, the interference must have a proper legal basis, such as a piece of legislation or rules of a professional body. The law or rule must be understandable, detailed and clear enough to allow a person to regulate his or her behaviour – a secret, unpublished memo in a government department will not suffice, for example. Some well known scenarios involving interference that could not be justified under Article 8(2) have been the telephone tapping, or bugging, of individuals by the police using procedures and systems not authorised expressly by statute.


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