What if I want to run away from care?

You may be feeling like you want to run away from care. Some of the reasons you might want to run away could be:

• not getting on with the staff or foster carers you are living with
• being bullied by other children in the same care home
• being bullied about living in care
• wanting to live with someone else, such as friends or family.

ChildLine talks to lots of young people who are in care. We understand that it can be a difficult time, and sometimes it can feel like decisions have been made for you that you do not always agree with. However, running away will not solve things, and can make things more difficult for you.

Remember that you have a right to tell someone if you’re unhappy with your care placement. Some young people find it helps to talk to their social worker about the reasons for feeling unhappy, and in some situations they may be able to arrange a different care placement for you. However, if you feel unable to do this you could give ChildLine a call on 0800 1111 and talk through things with a counsellor. Read more about living in care.

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