a rough outline to appeal the bedroom tax


(your landlords name

i(your name and address

i have been informed of a rent increase to £    from 1st april 2013 but my tenancy started on the (date

because of what i consider to be excessive rise in rent i would like to ask

1-what alternative accomodation can you offer

2-i would like you to consider 4.3-6.3-7.6.3 and 7.6.5 of my tenancy agreemrnt

3-the size of one of my bedrooms is classed as a boxroom and not suitable as a bedroom

4-i also have an extended family who like to visit and stay with me on visits-you are removing this right

5-mine and my families human rights article 8-right to a family life i consider to be breached

6-i would also request you consider the housing act 1985 and 1996 which i feel have been ignored 


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