outline of a book on life

summary from my almost completed book  

i have to say it i did not live this drama called life i would never have believed it.

in the early chapters i examine my own childhood with an alcoholic,gambling addictive father and a long suffering mother who because of my fathers addictions often had to substitute food with her love.violence was almost a daily happening in the family home and i certainly received a lot of bruises along the way but it is the emotional impact that was although not seen externally caused the real hurt.

in the next three chapters i look at how from the age of 14 i myself was addicted to alcohol and how alcohol became my personal battle for over 30 years and my attempts to beat the drink.although i was very violent myself and i did and never would hit a female but many battles with other males and a temper of a typical taurean and the inner turmoil within myself and how it affected people around me.

then 2 chapters on lives lessons learned by me and how/why i studied psychology and counselling.my life was certainly on the up and up and appeared at this time i was over the worse of my own addiction and insecurities,

then chapters about my relationships etopic pregnancy,loved ones deaths,make ups but mostly break ups and the revenge of alcohol as an answer that i would never find at the bottom of the bottle but it was easy to ask the bottle for the answers

the final 6 chapters highlighting how mental health issues of a stepdaughter take the steps   taken to battle the police,the courts,and 8 reports into her mental health lead to years of her being in and out of prison for violence etc eventually a court ordering a 28 day full mental health assessment in a mental health hospital which i asked for 3 years earlier and found she had borderline personality disorder.

the concluding chapters about my battle with the mental health hospitals abuse and assaults,not just on my step daughter but other service users too.from allowing swallowing and then re-swallowing of batteries,suicide attempts rape allegations and how a very large group of mental health hospitals used twitter through a third party to try and discredit my name on twitter and other social networking sites-his reward a high paid job within the hospital group.

and so much more pain suffering and also the high points and there was a lot of them .

if any one would like a free copy over the next few weeks please ask and i will send it to you. 



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