ed miliband


Before I give my speech on Party reform this morning, I wanted you to be the first to know what I’m going to say.
Britain needs a better way of doing politics. And that has to start in our own Party.
What we saw in Falkirk is part of the death throes of the old politics.
In its place, I am determined to build a new politics, one fit for our Party, for our country, for this century.
Here are the first, concrete steps I am taking:
1. Our relationship with millions of trade union members is essential, but in the twenty-first century individual trade unionists should be given the chance to make a personal, active choice to become affiliated members of our Party; I want a mass membership party not of 200,000 but of many more. 
2. Because we want the widest possible range of people representing Labour in Parliament, we need the fairest possible selection process. I will impose strict campaign spending limits for candidates seeking selection and for organisations helping them.
3. We will pick our Party’s candidate for London mayor in 2016 using a primary — a fair process open to all Londoners who share our values.
You have my word that this reform will be thorough, wholesale and lasting.
I believe it is absolutely essential for the future of democracy in our country.
The plans above are just the first steps, but it won’t end here. I want to hear from you — what are your ideas for us to take this further?
I’m listening.

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