Health and population

  • Life expectancy for UK men in 2008-10: 78.2 years.
  • Life expectancy for UK women in 2008-10: 82.3 years
  • The UK population is projected to increase from an estimated 62.26 million in 2010, to 71.39 million by 2030.
  • By 2011 the number of people aged 65 and over was predicted to reach 10,494,000, growing to 15,778,000 by 2031.
  • There were an estimated 2.8 million people with diabetes in the UK in 2010, which is double the number from 1996. This is predicted to reach 4 million by 2025. 
  • In England the proportion of men classified as obese increased from 13.2 per cent in 1993 to 26.2 per cent in 2010, and from 16.4 per cent to 26.1 per cent for women over the same timescale.

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