a mad world-chapter 3 summary

so after the viloence from my father etc was over i went off the rails not just a little but right of the track

i took to drinking and fighting for no good reason,i would like to say i got into a bad crowd but i was the bad crowd.

an alcoholic violent father took away my childhood and here i was following in his alcoholic footsteps.i was never violent to females in fact i loved the ladies more than i should of and i did not care if they where single or not.

i started going to nightclubs working at times and taking jobs i would never should of but the pay days where good and paid for my lifestyle i swore has a kid i would not follow-the alcohol but i did and i was hooked on alcohol not that i would ever admit that back then so i drank to forget who i was and through alcohol became more of the person i was drinking to forget.

i was married,had two children and was a reasonably good father but the alcohol and my lifestyle did not change.

i always made sure there was always food in the house and the mortgage bills always paid

christmas and birthdays for my children where never like mine and my sisters and brothers where in fact totally the opposite.my children never saw violence in the house and there toys where never smashed up by a drunken father which happened often when i was a child.

it was like a double life a loving caring over protective father and then my other life of alcohol and violence.


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