a mad world-excerpt from chapter 11

over the years i had learned so much about mental health issues and in may 2009 they became so useful in regards to my step daughter.

she became aggressive and violent often using knives,bleach and any thing else she could get hold of to inflict hurt or worse.i fought for her fighting the youth offending office and then probation who adopted”the she is just a naughty girl who deserves to be in prison even though i became her target because i tried to calm her down and keep her out of prison i submitted an application in may 2009 stating with evidence that she had borderline personality disorder-the so called authorities dismissed this out of hand and the prison sentences got more regular and painful for me too because i knew she had an illness but no one would listen 11 pshychiatric reports and many meetings and deals made she eventually got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and was sectioned to a mental health hospital in 2011 and now in 2013 the fight goes on and there are a number of vendettas against me which have been going on but now it seems that i am some peoples public enemy number one.

my stepdaughter is still in a mental health hospital but whatever the future may bring i will fight on to help/advise who and when i can


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